Other Hospitals

One need for neighbors of Providence is for the hospital to become as aggressive about their Transportation Demand Management plan as they have been about becoming a sustainable hospital. Many sustainability measures, such as a reduction in vehicle emissions, improved employee health, or improved quality of the life in our neighborhoods would seem to justify the cost of pursuing a robust transportation plan. Through our Good Neighbor Agreement between the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association and the North Tabor Neighborhood Association, committees meet regularly and are always looking for folks interesting in helping create a good neighbor environment.

Other hospitals have found a way to move past divisiveness toward collaboration. You can get an idea of what is possible in these documents.

Seattle Children’s Hospital (PDF)

Oregon Health Sciences University (PDF)

Tri-Met Transportation Plan(PDF)  . . . this from page 5

Employee Commute Options Rules
The state Environmental Quality Commission
adopted the Employee Commute Options (ECO)
rules (Oregon Administrative Rules 340-242-0100
through -0290) in July 1996. Renewed and revised
in February 2007, the rules are intended to keep
the air clean in the Portland area.
Under the ECO program, employers in the Portland
area with more than 100 employees reporting
to a single work site must provide incentives for
employee commute options other than driving
alone. The incentives must have the potential
to reduce commute trips to the work site by 10
percent within three years. Annual employee
surveys measure progress toward this goal.
Typical incentives offered by employers include
transit subsidies, carpool matching and preferential
carpool parking, bike programs, compressed work
weeks and telecommuting. Alternative compliance
methods include reducing other vehicle traffic
to or within the work site, reducing air pollution
emissions from non-auto sources at the work
site, or paying a fixed fee. New development may
comply by limiting construction of new parking

Oregon Metro: Local transportation system plans: Bringing the Regional Transportation Plan to life


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