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  1. Carol Smith, Laurelhurst Realtuy says:

    please allow for a commercial village with stores and shops between 44th & 47th on Glisan.

    • kimcottrell says:

      Carol, right now, there is only one block in that section of property that does not belong to Providence. Some of the neighbors have begun talking about organizing to see if we could entice a developer to come in and make a more cohesive enterprise out of the area. But, that’s assuming that Providence doesn’t want to buy it for future development. It is within their growth boundary and I’m sure they could outbid anyone else. It’s worth a try though and if you’re interested in joining us, let me know. I’ll keep you posted when we get together in May.

      • Carol Apple says:

        Hi Kim it would be interesting to see what can be developed on that property. I would be happy to support your cause. Can you better identify that piece of property so I can visually see where you are talking about. I am really concerned about the Physical Therapist because Providence wants to put a day surgery facility which would include the therapy pool and also where the Physical Therapist are located. Please keep me in the loop as I am very interest. I have never done anything like this before but it feels great to try and reach others to make our community a better living environment.

        Carol Apple

      • kimcottrell says:

        Hi Carol, thanks for commenting. Are you thinking of the retail space that is not owned by Providence? Or, the lot designated for the medical office building. Or, if you let me know the date of the post you are commenting on, I can give you a better description of the property. And, I hope you saw the article about the pool today and will have the time to follow the link at the bottom to give your opinion on the petition to save the pool. Thanks so much for commenting.

  2. Carol Apple says:

    Hi Kim I guess the retail property I am not familiar with. I know about the land on 47th and Glisan. I wrote the article about the pool. We are frantically trying to get as much press to be able to turn the decision not to close the therapy. I go to the pool 3 days a week. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and it has been so helpful. I have been going for 3 years now. I have a special friend who comes 3 days a week too and she has been in a wheelchair over 20 years and she has been coming for the 20 years also. There is another friend who had a brain tumor in high school and has been operated on 3 times. They did radiation and that caused a stroke. He comes on the bus 3 days a week and has to wear a brace on his leg and use a cane to walk. This pool has so many success stories. It’s about people who want to make a difference in their health. These are people who go beyond the call of duty to better themselves. We are a close knit group and we encourage each other. This is the only warm water pool at 92 degrees. We have people that are 80 and 90 coming to the pool. This people have great character and give the rest of us strength to continue to do what we do to help our health issues. I am so proud that the North Tabor Neighborhood Association was interested printing and giving exposure. I forever grateful for this opportunity.


    • kimcottrell says:

      Oh……if you wrote the article then you are very familiar. Is there anything else we can do to help spread the word? I wondered if there were some folks at the other papers who wanted to pick up the story and between you and me, I’m ready to go out and stand on the sidewalk and hold a picket sign. I wonder if that kind of attention would be useful?

      I love the success stories you are sharing. We all need a place like that at some point in our lives and it is very distressing to think of it disappearing. One of the points of this blog post was about the woman who donated the money for it to be built in the first place. We wondered if she had known it would only be in existence for 20 years how satisfied she might have been to give her money to the project. And, we wondered what her family will think when Providence decides to get rid of it. But then, I feel the same way about there no longer being nuns who live at Providence. While they lived there, it was their home and revered in my eyes, in a different way than nowadays.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  3. Carol Apple says:

    The sad thing is Mr Theran Park, CEO for Providence is no more than a paper and pencil pusher. They don’t want to know the real live stories of people trying to better their lives. These people come on buses. One comes to the pool on Tri Met in her wheel chair. Is this not dedication? We don’t want to picket or bring negative vibes. We want to be honest and up front and truthful. We had 2 of our people go on a talk radio show. We had an article in The Oregonian, there was something on Channel 6 tonight that I missed. We are sending letters to the editor of the Oregonian and also Mr. Park’s. We are keeping the heat on. This all started in late April or first part of May. The hospital was trying to do it without anyone noticing until my Dr mentioned it to me and that is how the ball got rolling. They were shocked how quick we jumped to our feel to fight the cause. It is amazing how everyone wanted to help. So many people had their own idea which was great because we touched so many more people. We have to keep it rolling. If it fails, at least we know we gave it our best shot.

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