What Neighbors Think

Response-PPMC proposal March 2012 . . . by Rick Briasco, Laurelhurst neighbor, who lives on Glisan. 

Excerpt from Briasco letter: In particular, I am distressed by the fact (restated in an email routed last week by one of PPMC Vice Presidents, Jean Marks) that PPMC, which provides all of its 3,000 employees with free Tri‐Met passes, has no way of assessing how many of its staff use them to commute to work. The reality that this not‐for‐profit organization spends hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for this purpose, without being able to quantify the value–to either the organization or the community–suggests that their stated commitment to proactively manage traffic impacts resulting from their current and proposed business is, at best, illusionary and passive. Further, it appears to me to be a cynical and ineffective response designed to placate residents who view neighborhood safety as a very real concern.

Email from a neighbor, Susan, sent March 29:

Hi–I’m a Laurelhurst resident who has become increasingly concerned about the seemingly nonstop expansion of the Providence medical complex in our neighborhood. The traffic is already problematic. 47th & Halsey is an absolute nightmare to deal with in rush hours and well beyond, the need for a left turn signal is acute and remains unaddressed. The intersection of 47th & Glisan isn’t much better, but it at least has a left turn signal. The quiet, single-family residential character is more and more challenged by the enormous expansion projects that have taken place, and more alarmingly are scheduled to keep taking place here. There is little of the varied retail community-building enterprises here, and allowing nothing but more Providence structures and the accompanying traffic they bring in just means more of a medical ghetto character for our neighborhood. This I believe will impact our property values if allowed to continue unabated. The city really has to address our concerns here. It’s not just a matter of some grumpy folks who don’t like change. This IS having an effect on our neighborhood, and it ISN”T for the better. I’m hoping that the city will take our concerns seriously. Thanks.

Gmail – Providence: How Many Cars Each Day . . . by Kim Cottrell, Laurelhurst neighbor, to Mayor Sam Adams, cc to Douglas Hardy, Land Services Division, focuses on the actual number of cars coming to and parking in our neighborhood.

Excerpt from Cottrell letter: “It has become apparent to me in my conversations with some of the City of Portland staff that the feeling in City Hall is that there is harmony in the neighborhoods surrounding Providence Hospital. That is simply not the case. As I have met and discussed the traffic issues and the impacts of PPMC on our neighborhood, it is clear that over the last decade many neighbors have tried to get the attention of Providence or the City, albeit in small groups, never able to gain a voice. They gave up and the cars kept arriving.” 

Beaumont on PPMC CUMP (3-25-12) . . . by Constance Beaumont, Laurelhurst neighbor, focuses on the health effects of driving and negative impact of so much traffic in our neighborhood.

Excerpt from Beaumont letter: “If parking for daytime employees is free, it will sabotage Providence’s TDM program and undercut the value of transit passes offered by the medical center to employees. Indeed, some experts have noted that if parking pricing is not addressed first, subsequent efforts to reduce drive-alone trips are virtually pointless.”

Response to Providence 2011 CUMP_wbh . . . by Bill Hamilton, Laurelhurst neighbor, focuses on the Medical Office Building being proposed for the NW corner of 47th & Glisan.

Excerpt from Hamilton letter: “As far as the neighborhood is concerned this request is an admission on the part of Providence that the intersection of 47th and NE Glisan is unsafe and inconvenient for Providence’s clients and employees but just fine for the rest of the community. North Tabor brought up this argument in a GNA meeting last year. And its validity at the time was vouchsafed by the Providence’s land use lawyer, Michael Robinson, who stated that the safety of the 47th Street and NE Glisan intersection was going to have to be addressed by Providence in a meaningful way before they could hope to move forward with a sky bridge alternative.”

City Transportation Issues 3.19.12 . . . by Ryan Sexton, Bill Hamilton, and Kim Cottrell, Laurelhurst neighbors, focuses on traffic and safety issues at and near the 47th & Glisan intersection.

Providence Portland Medical Center – Parker . . . by James Parker, Laurelhurst neighbor, focuses on response to Community Meeting of February 27 in a letter to Commissioner Saltzman as commissioner in charge of Bureau of Development Services. 

My Providence Worries . . . by Kim Cottrell, neighbor, March 2, 2012 

Parker 2-27-2012 . . . Notes from Jim Parker, Laurelhurst neighbor, as he prepared for the Community Meeting hosted by Providence Portland Medical Center on February 27, 2012


3 Responses to What Neighbors Think

  1. Kerry Aguilar says:

    A 47-year experience – My parents haved lived in their home on NE 55th & Flanders for 47 years. I was born and raised in this home, and currently live in their home with my 2 boys. This neighborhood is as familiar to me as the back of my hand. I recently had a vendor drop an order at my home and he started laughing because he had grown up around the corner in a house next to Zenner’s. I can still see that red house. My Grammie lived in a four-plex on the corner of 52nd & Hoyt with beautiful pocket doors that amused me for hours. Both of those houses are gone, replaced with orange Providence brick. My family’s PCP for the last 16 years is at Providence. I have great fondness for her and her care; however, I do not believe she represents “Providence” in the bigger sense. My parents and I, as well as some of our neighbors on Flanders, have engaged in converations with Providence regarding the office building on 53rd-55th and Glisan. What a nightmare. The parking on the streets (with 2 empty parking lots). The use of our neighbordhood as an ashtray. The loitering during breaks. Looking into our backyards while examining patients. This beautiful neighborhood has lost some it’s lustre and with that our property values – which have gone down, but the taxes have gone up. How does Providence envision compensating me for my loss of privacy, the loss of my property values, the loss of my neighborhood. When seeing Providence employees smoking across the street from my home, with the odor coming through my open windows, I wonder how Providence employees would feel if I drove my car to their house, parked in a way that made it almost impossible to get out of their driveway and sat down on the curb and lit one up. My dream is that the expansion will cease. When is enough enough. This is not PPMC St. Vincent or Newberg with land to build. I cannot see any good coming out of any expansion – retail or not. I drive my kids to school from 55th to 91st & Glisan and turning right and/or left on Glisan any time between 7-5 is taking your life in your hands. I have seen a van t-boned and flipped on its side trying to turn left. The traffic heading west on any given weekday is obscene. There is a Providence Shuttle on about 89th & Glisan, but I don’t see it being used too much. When I return from dropping the boys at school, I use Burnside. It is like the autobahn – there have been cars passing me, weaving in and out of traffic easily going 50 MPH. As I turn right on 55th to head back up to Flanders, it is not uncommon to have another car tailgating. This is my 25 MPH neighborhood. 53rd & 55th between Burnside and Glisan are for those who are late to work and gun it down these streets. Anyone living in this area will know that Everett serves as the bike route throughout the city and the intersection of 55th & Everett is an accident waiting to happen. Providence isn’t going away, but they could stop right where they’re at.

  2. jim porter says:

    great answer mrs aguilar. I totally agree with you. the 53rd office was a coincern when it was built. . the traffic was a major concern,out. talking to the city about traffic was of no use.. even providence told us that their employees were to park at least 3 blocks from their job.. it is has never been enforced. i lost branches off my trees because a delivery truck could not find room to park. I have worked construction all my life, being a foreman many hospitals ,prisons ,hatfield fed.courthous., etc. Providence please listen to some our concerns.

    • kimcottrell says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jim. I agree, I want Providence to listen to our concerns and do something about them, rather than pay lip service and report in the Traffic Impact Analysis that there are no parking problems. If you have time to come to the Hearing on April 25 at 9am and voice your concerns so they can be heard by Providence and the Hearings Officer, that would be very useful. Or, you can attend and show your solidarity for the neighbors who will be speaking.

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