What Neighbors Dream

Here’s the place to log your hopes for our community.

What do you want to see? Do you want safe crossings on Glisan? Do you want slower traffic from 45th to the traffic circle? Do you want fewer cars on the streets? Do you want more services to walk to?  Do you want other retail services other than hospital and medical offices? Would you like updated traffic signals at 47th and both Glisan and Halsey? Would you like more efficient intersections so the cut-through traffic decreases?

Tell us, what do you dream of . . .?


3 Responses to What Neighbors Dream

  1. cathy says:

    I love this blog – thank you so much for putting it together.
    I wish that there was less traffic on Glisan and through the neighborhoods.
    I’m curious what incentive Providence offers to employees to use TriMet and if they have done any surveying to know how many of their employees use TriMet or carpool and, if they have, how their employees are doing their commute.
    I wish there was a way for neighbors on the Glisan corridor which is also the MAX corridor to get discounted tickets for the MAX through some sort of bulk buying – for the purpose of getting cars off Glisan. It would be wonderful if sponsored bus passes were available other than employees of mega-employers. $4.20 for a round trip on the bus/max is over the pricepoint for transportation for many people.
    I wish Providence would donate their unused land for use in community gardens – there are several areas including the block where the Gately and Montessori Schools are and the back of the senior housing at NE 60th and Burnside. I’d love to see street-level retail. It feels like Starbucks is the only store that Providence has encouraged to come in. I wish there was another crosswalk near Emilie House (NE 55th and Glisan). Is the Providence bus still operating, picking up employees at the MAX stop?
    I wish Providence would invite neighbors to on-campus activities like their farmers market and music performances and physical fitness/swimming classes.

  2. kimcottrell says:

    Thanks, Cathy…..for all your ideas and comments. There are so many ways that Providence could be a good neighbor. Let’s hope other folks will share their ideas and we’ll begin formulating what our neighborhood could be like with just the tiniest amount of effort from a vast organization. And, I’m completely with you about getting more traffic off Glisan. In fact, according to the Portland Plan, there is also that goal at the City level. I’m curious how they are going to play that out with regard to institutions such as Providence.

  3. What do I as a neighbor to Providence dream of
    + I love seeing as many employees as I do walking around the neighborhood at lunch time… However, a reduction of car speed on 53rd as shifts end and start would be great. Attention is being paid by the city to emphasize that 53rd is a bike route. This includes lowering the speed to 20 mph along 53rd from Glisan to Halsey. Unfortunately this is not knowledge to most of the cars traveling down the street.
    + I’d love for this branch of Providence to have a fitness center that offered access to neighbors! If I came to view Providence as a wellness center as opposed to just my doctor’s office, then the flowers would bloom just a little bit brighter- right?
    + The McMenamin establishments have a good neighborhood relationship model: free access to meeting space for neighborhood meeting use, and free use of their soaking pools with a drivers license showing the neighborhood address. So… Does Providence have soaking pools as part of their rehabilitative services?

    Thanks again for providing this space.

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