We are neighbors who support Providence Portland Medical Center maintaining state-of-the-art facilities and we realize the bonus of great healthcare in our own front yard. However, we would like Providence to become more proactive in remedying the difficulties that arise when a hospital tries to do business in a residential area. We want Providence to join us in protecting our health by preserving and restoring our skies, our sidewalks, and our safety.

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How to Use this Site

To keep up-to-date on the issue of the review of the Providence 10-year Master Plan, join us in learning how our lives and property may be affected.

SIGN UP . . . On the right side of this page, click on the button “Follow Blog via Email.” While this is one more email you’ll receive, this is the critical time period, between now and April 10th-ish. The city staff member assigned to review the Providence Conditional Use Master Plan is now taking public comment. So, please sign up so you won’t miss a meeting or a chance to write a letter. Everything will die down again in a couple of months and you can Un-Sign Up if you want.

NAVIGATE . . . There are sections for neighbors, how to find people, info on what other hospitals are doing, and documents that are important to the current situation. Click on the Blog if you didn’t sign up for it and check back every couple of days. We want you to have as much information as you want or need.

COMMENT . . . Every comment adds to our ability to say that people care about what is going on. This site is a collector for comments. We hope you will come here and read and comment. Your email will not be revealed. Your full name does not have to be used. Comment on any page.

SUBMIT . . . Send us your ideas and documents that other neighbors might have missed. You can send .pdf, .jpg, and .doc through the Contact & Links/Submit Information tab.

JUST FOR FUN . . . We want pictures of Providence from your front porch or back porch, or your barcolounger. We are building a library of how Providence affects our daily lives. Have a look at the What Neighbors See section.

STILL NOT SURE what to do with it all? Send us an email and we’ll walk you through it. We are dedicated to bringing information into the open so our neighbors can make informed decisions about the issues that effect them and their property. We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.


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