Time Magazine . . . and jaw-dropping pay for non-profit hospital CEOs

In case you missed it, Time Magazine took on the issue of CEO pay in a time of struggling healthcare coverage and sky-high bankruptcies due to inadequate healthcare coverage.

Take a look here for the full article.

One of our neighbors alerted me to this article and of course, had concerns about Providence Hospital, our near neighbor. I agree with his concerns. Decisions are made right here in Laurelhurst and North Tabor that will further erode our quality of life.

IMG_2867To add insult to injury, at a recent North Tabor Neighborhood Association meeting, the efforts of the neighbors to advocate for maintaining a high quality of life in our largely residential neighborhood were referred to by Providence’s representatives as ADVERSARIAL.

To that, I say WHAT?

Neighbors are willing to work with Providence AND we want to hold Providence Hospital and Providence Corporation responsible for the side-effects of their actions. Just as a medication has side-effects and you taper it back until the dosage is the right amount to not harm the patient OR you compensate and provide other treatment to make up for the medication’s effects.

Providence could eliminate the side-effects of rampant growth by installing crosswalks when a new building goes up. It could stripe or signal intersections for pedestrians. It could add bike lanes or widened sidewalks. It could ramp up a more aggressive employee carpool program. 

There are many things that Providence can do to make themselves look more favorable to the neighborhood and to the city administration. Nowhere among those is calling neighbors adversarial or paying CEOs exorbitant amounts of money.

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2 Responses to Time Magazine . . . and jaw-dropping pay for non-profit hospital CEOs

  1. Avis McHugh says:

    Thanks for posting this, Kim. The information on large compensation for CEO’s sounds a little like the Banking/Investment industries.

    On another topic: I notice that at 55th and Glisan (Providence Clinic parking lot location) the curb, has been painted yellow some car lengths back, so that visability to enter Glisan Street is somewhat improved. Not certain who to thank, but assume it would be the City of Portland and efforts made by you and neighborhood associations to meet and tour with city traffic last year.

    • kimcottrell says:

      Hello Avis…..yes, I’m sure it’s the requests we made when we did a walk-around with Will Stevens with PBOT almost a year ago now. That’s good to know. I’m continuing to mention a crosswalk to the bus stop for you folks at Emilie House and it continues to fall on deaf ears. Hope you are doing well.

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