My Providence Perspective: Postscript to last week’s post on the therapy pool

A current pressing issue is the possible closing of the warm-water therapy pool in the basement of the Professional Plaza at Glisan and 52nd. Neighbors have been relying on that pool for the 20 years it’s been in existence. Some have accused us here at Providence Good Neighbors of using our worries about the effects of closing the pool as a way to get more support for our concerns about the upcoming Providence Expansion issues. I would argue, we should be concerned about any and all issues related to Providence. We should be concerned when things that affect our health and well-being go on in the places where we live and sleep and raise our kids.

One opinion is expressed in this cartoon and comment written by North Tabor resident, Monique Mos. Ms Mos writes a regular column for the North Tabor News called For the Chicken Hearted.

Perhaps you have already heard, perhaps not: Providence is considering closing the warm water exercise pool.
Having the warm water pool has given a positive twist to the very BIG PRESENCE of Providence in our neighborhood. Someone, about 20 years ago, donated the money to establish that pool. Now it is said to require an upgrade of $1,200,000. More showers are needed. But who decides that? Everyone I talk with would rather have a pool, with the (excellent) existing showers, than no pool at all. With a growing aging population, this is a service that we cannot do without. This pool does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be warm, clean and open to the public.
To add your signature to an online petition, requesting Providence to leave the warm water exercise pool intact, click here.
by Monique Mos
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3 Responses to My Providence Perspective: Postscript to last week’s post on the therapy pool

  1. Jon Nelson says:

    I live in the Laurelhurst neighborhood and am very concerned about the incredible power that the Providence Corp. has in our area. Concerning the warm water pool — I had a leg injury 15 years ago and was sent to this small pool for part of my physical therapy. It was very helpful, and eventually I got back the use of my left leg. But you need to know that this is a pretty small pool and it isn’t really a place for people who might want to “swim.” It is intended to be a part of the Providence physical therapy program and let’s not fool people into thinking they are losing the use of a local “swimming pool.” That said, why does Providence constantly push us into “maximum case scenarios” like the 1.2 million cost of replacing the warm water pool? They are so used to unlimited big time dollars for everything that they just can’t think a little “small” once in a while, like keeping the existing pool open?
    Big corporation, big time goals and expectations, unrealistic attitude for dealing with local community and with simple compromises that aren’t necessarily “award winning state of the art” that these folks seem to pride themselves about. How about REDUCING HEALTH CARE COSTS!”

    Thanks for listening,

    Jon Nelson

  2. Suzanne Soller says:

    Providence Medical Center will administer a $17.3 Million grant to improve health care for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. The Providence Pool already does so much to “improve the health care of this population”. Please don’t discontinue a program that is currently working.

    • kimcottrell says:

      Suzanne, that’s interesting information. Where did you find it? And, have you shared this comment with the petition online in this article? Thanks for sharing, you make an excellent point and I had no idea. I’m assuming that the grant money comes from the federal government, but perhaps you have more details or a link to where I might find more. Thanks!!!

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