New D-Day: May 16 for New Evidence on LU 11-183413 CU MS AD

Please be sure to identify all letters submitted with LU 11-183413 CU MS AD.

Neighbors, it’s not over yet!

Thanks to the folks who showed up to testify and witness the testifying, we have until May 16 to offer up new evidence. New evidence consists of numbers, drawings, photos, videos, or anything at all that supports our arguments that traffic is a problem AND that having a huge fortress at 47th & Glisan will damage our neighborhood.

Various neighbors are working on the following:

  • Tightening up our estimates of traffic on campus. We think we can now account for the major reasons people might drive to campus and generate some fairly accurate data that it will be up to Providence to refute with their own numbers.
  • Photographic and video evidence of poor traffic situations related to our complaints.
  • Photographic and detailed evidence of difficulties related to Providence building next to residential property and their unwillingness to resolve issues they have created for neighbors.

And, there is more . . .

Contact me if you’ve got ideas. Time is of the essence and we’ll need to move fast but we can do it!

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2 Responses to New D-Day: May 16 for New Evidence on LU 11-183413 CU MS AD

  1. Beth Welty says:


    I can sit and count the number of cars flying down my street Monday morning. I can also attempt to photograph employees parking on the street instead of designated parking. Is there anyway to document students crossing the streets safely on the way to school?

    Thanks for everything you’re doing to organize and support our neighborhood.
    Beth Welty

  2. kimcottrell says:

    Thanks, Beth…..not sure how to count the kids. I wonder if the Safe Routes to School program keeps a listing of who is walking and whether they track by address. Laurelhurst is now in the SRTS program so maaaybe there’s some info there. Good to meet you yesterday!

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