After The Hearing: What’s Next

Here’s what I know . . . because like many of you, I was unable to attend the hearing.

  1. The Hearing went from 9am until 2pm, 2 hours longer than I thought it might.
  2. There were some inconsistencies in the application that were brought out through testimony, some of which was presented by neighbors.
  3. The Hearings Officer is aware we have concerns and because of the inconsistencies the record has been kept open for 3 weeks, a window of time in which we can present any evidence we think might help our case. I will make sure to keep the blog updated as those details become available.

And, one of the neighbors in attendance had this to say:

Mr. Frank ended the meeting (at 2 pm) by preaching a
sermon to Providence. “You could save yourself what you are paying Mr.
Robinson (the Providence land use attorney) for being here for five hours
today by investing your money and time in fostering good relationships with
your neighbors.” He went on to tell the history of a community squabble
during the ’90s about the University of Portland master plan. He claimed
that the University had roused even more raucous opposition than ours, but
that its subsequent investment in community good will eventually led to
compromises that everyone could accept.

And so, neighbors, please let’s continue our involvement! This is not over, there is still work to do, and the scenario is not as bleak as we had once thought. We are involved in the process because we stepped up to take our place where we belong instead of remaining an invisible majority.

I send a huge thank you to all our neighbors who testified and attended the hearing. I heard there were 20-25 neighbors which sounds like a wonderful turnout. Again, I will keep you posted as more details and specifics come in.

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5 Responses to After The Hearing: What’s Next

  1. Carol Smith, Laurelhurst Realty says:

    I was at the meeting. A few of us left when the bulding began to shake. Most didn’t even feel it!
    I checked the earthquake site and there was a deep little quake off the coast. Absolutely no need to panic!
    Mr. Parker did a fine job in his deep voice. All of our Laurelhurst speakers did quite well.
    Local talent is great.

    Carol Smith, area property owner

  2. Carol Smith, Laurelhurst Realty says:

    the meeting was way to long for the average stomach and sit down.

  3. Kerry Aguilar says:

    I was unable to attend the hearing, however, I did fax Mr. Hardy my testimony, which he kindly replied to with some additional information regarding the traffic/parking at the intersections of 53rd and 55th and Glisan. There is an audio recording of the hearing at:

    Kerry Aguilar
    55th & Flanders

  4. cathy says:

    I was told at the hearing it is important to put the case file number on any written testimony that we add to the record. Is LU 11-183413 CU MS AD the complete file number?

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