Attend The HEARING: Why, When, and What


For many years Providence has gone about business as if they have provided neighbors with adequate information to make decisions about hospital land use expansions. Neighbors tell a different story . . . of a lack of notification about meetings, inability to obtain a closer look at critical documents, and hearing about changes at the time construction begins.

In my own observations of meetings between the hospital and neighbors, I felt there was tension and thinly veiled attempts by hospital administrators to stall, withhold information, and use the nature of how neighborhood associations function to their advantage. Whether the City of Portland is aware of it or not, Providence uses the fact that neighborhood meetings are typically every other month and newsletters also every other month. By the time the news hits the a mailbox, it might be four months old. That’s exactly what happened last summer with the land use process for the Guest House that will be constructed some time later this year. No doubt this has been working against us in the past.

The Why you should attend the hearing

  • to know and understand what is happening.
  • to let the City of Portland know you care and that you are asking for them to provide even stronger oversight into matters involving Providence.
  • to let the City know we are not in agreement with many of the things Providence thinks are good for our neighborhood.

The more we show witness to this process, the more we help ourselves and our neighbors. The more we show up, the more we preserve our community and our property values.


Wednesday, April 25 at 9am

1900 SW 4th Ave., Ste. 5000

Portland, OR 97201

Please arrive on time and expect the hearing to last for most of the morning.


Read all about the Hearing Procedures, especially if you have plans to testify. You should be somewhat familiar with what to expect and the section on hearings, Section III, should give you all you need to know.

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