The Findings of the Land Use Services Review . . . Sadly, Nothing New

Well neighbors, the report is out . . .

If the Hearing Officer accepts the recommendations from the Land Use Services staff review, and it’s the norm that they will, we’ll be treated to Providence Village marching eastward and westward and upward and wherever-they-want-ward.

Read the report in it’s entirety, here.

Sadly, because Providence has an employee drive-alone rate of 67%, their current Transportation Demand Management Plan is deemed “good enough.” Nevermind, there are 1,000 doctors uncounted and over 3,400 outpatient visits per day (1.24 million in a year, based on the report from 2010 that I cited in the last blog post)? With the projected expansion of the Professional Plaza to the east, estimated at 40% of the current building size, and the addition of an estimated 65 more doctors, we could expect over 1300 additional cars per day to the main campus. Where were those projected outpatient visits in the Traffic Impact Analysis?

If you add the 1300 cars to the number of cars that arrive at PPMC today (5,525), by my estimates that’s at least 6,825 automobiles working their way through our neighborhood to the hospital campus at some point in the next few years. How will Glisan function, how will 47th & Glisan function, when the expansion continues? At some point, the drive alone rate of 67% becomes meaningless because it’s such a small number compared to the outrageous number of outpatient visits and doctor trips.

While we should be able to brag that our hospital is the best hospital in the city because they behave in a healthy way and thereby support our need for a healthy neighborhood, sadly we can’t. There is very little evidence that Providence is concerned about the neighbors who live on their very doorstep.

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