Your Letters Are Rolling In (and some blog re-organization)

Good evening, on this rainy (so rainy my dogs don’t want to go out) evening!

We’re getting a wonderful response from neighbors of both Laurelhurst and North Tabor. You are sending letters, thank you ever so much!!!!! Any and all letters count. As I mentioned in another post, the City of Portland is a complaint driven entity. Every letter will let them know that these are neighborhood-wide issues and not simply a few irate neighbors having a bad day.

As always, we want to support Providence in doing the good work they do and we understand they might some encouragement to support us in having the healthy life we deserve. That will be my next post on Sunday . . . to outline a wish list of simple, straight-forward and logical, community-minded improvements that Providence could step up and do.

Housekeeping: I have had enough questions about finding things on the blog that I re-organized a few things. I made it so almost all the categories on the menu are accessible without using a drop-down menu and renamed things so they show up in a more logical place. There is a tab for Write the City with the address for Douglas Hardy and the neighborhood representatives. There is a tab to post your letters that you’ve written if you’d like to have them included in the record, submit them here.

Mark your calendar:

Walk About with City of Portland Will Stevens
April 3 at 5pm
meet at 44th & Glisan
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