Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association meets tonight, March 27, 2012 at 7pm, All Saints Parrish

This is the last neighborhood meeting before the City of Portland holds a hearing on the Providence Conditional Use Master Plan 10-year-review.

If you can’t attend, please email your neighborhood representative, Gary Naylor and let him know what’s on your mind. Do you want a building on the corner of NE 47th & Glisan that has only 8 feet setback from the sidewalk and they are requesting an average of 55 ft tall and who knows how tall that is on the north side? The first application requested a 70 ft height along Hoyt.

P.S. If you’re reading this and you’re from North Tabor neighborhood……you can email your neighborhood representative Zach Michaud at chair(at)northtabor(dot)org and give your opinion too! (just copy/paste and replace the (at) and the (dot) with the appropriate symbols, this is the new acceptable way to print an email online to avoid spammers, appreciate your patience.)

Do you want the footprint of the building to be covering nearly 80% of the lot? See Bill Hamilton’s letter to the City Land Use Services reviewer, Douglas Hardy, for more details. Bill lays it out pretty clearly.

Do you want a skybridge on NE 47th? Do you think Providence has some responsibility to help rebuild or at least re-signal the lights at 47th & Glisan?

Please at the very least, voice your opinion in an email to LNA neighborhood representative Gary Naylor, as soon as possible. Time is running out.

And, thanks everyone for reading and being informed. It definitely takes a village.

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