Letters to the City regarding Providence application for expansion . . . voice your opinion by April 3.

Neighbors have been sending letters to Douglas Hardy of the Land Use Division in response to the Request for Response that went out a few weeks ago. Thank you to everyone. If I thought it was enough, I’d say let’s go have a beer. But it is decidedly not enough.

There are perceptions that things are fine over here in the NE neighborhoods surrounding Providence and it would be convenient for Providence if we just kept grumbling to ourselves over the dinner table and that was that. There is a perception that the effects of Providence doing business in our neighborhoods is not causing us further harm or diminishing the quality of life in our streets.

Read What Neighbors Think for several neighbor letters in response to the latest proposals and then send your own letter, if you will. Send it before April 3. If you want email address, rather than sending snail mail, let me know…..we can provide.

The voice of the neighbors who were concerned has not been heard. Some neighbors have given up and others are about to give up. For myself, I think we just need to have a simultaneous roar and then we’ll at least get to the table for a conversation. Even if we can’t influence the outcome of the land use review, we can influence how Providence does business in our neighborhood and how many cars they bring to our streets and how many parking spaces they build. We can influence the standard of what they do to support the influx of cars and exhaust in our neighborhoods and insist they support the infrastructure for bicycles and pedestrians.

There is much that could be done. (Join some of us for a WalkAbout with City of Portland staff on April 3 at 5pm. Meet on the corner of NE 44th & Glisan.)

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