Save the Date: Tour Glisan with City Transportation staff, April 3…5pm

North Tabor and Laurelhurst Neighbors,

Join us at 5pm on April 3 on the corner of NE 44th & Glisan and walk from NE 43rd Ave to 53rd Ave with a member of the Portland Bureau of Transportation staff.

  • Share your opinion on needed sidewalk improvements.
  • Identify the worst cut-through streets.
  • Give voice to the need for improvements to the intersection at NE 47th & Glisan.
  • Prioritize the list of safety improvements to increase neighborhood livability.

If you are unable to attend this Walk-About, please leave a comment here and we will make sure your feedback is registered. We already have a list from one neighbor and we are collecting any and all comments.

Watch this blog for last-minute changes to schedule. We’ll do our best to make this happen rain or shine!

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3 Responses to Save the Date: Tour Glisan with City Transportation staff, April 3…5pm

  1. Cathy says:

    Please consider extending the tour east to the I-84 on/off ramps. Providence is a cause of much of the traffic coming and going on Glisan via I-84. Traffic turning on and off I-84 makes 58th a very dangerous crosswalk. And NE 58th should be included on the list of worst cut through streets.

  2. Avis McHugh says:

    I would agree about 58th. I am glad the walk includes 53rd. I live at Emilie House between 55th and 56th. Sometimes I take Max downtown and sometimes Trimet Bus #19. I have to cross the street to get to either one. The crosswalk at 55th is not well marked. There have been many accidents at this intersection and in front of our building. We have some photo’s. Thank you for this tour, I plan to be there.

  3. kimcottrell says:

    Thanks for the information about 58th as a cut-through, will add it to the list. Depending on time, we’ll see how far east we get during the Walk About. It almost sounds like another walk should be organized that focuses on the on/off ramps and the intersection of 60th & Glisan.

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