Type III Land Use Review Procedure . . . and why Providence has done nothing wrong!

Douglas Hardy, City of Portland Land Use Services, got back to me quite promptly with answers to my questions. One of the questions concerned which type of Land Use Review the Providence property fits into. The Providence application is a Type III.

So, I went back to the portlandonline.com site and started perusing the procedures for a Type III review. Still nothing jumped out at me. I was looking for an answer to why the neighbors who live so close to the hospital are not informed until there is a Hearing, by which time the decisions have all been made and you had better have information about a toxic landfill on the property or nothing will be changed (yes, tongue in cheek).

When I clicked on this link, that’s when it all became clear. If you look at 21 days into the application process, you’ll notice that a Request For Response (RFR) is mailed to public agencies and recognized organizations within 1,000 ft. of site. At that point, the City staff member assigned the project begins accepting public comment.

That is the period we are in now!

We did not get informed personally because we are not a public agency or a recognized organization. You might not have heard about it from your neighborhood association because meetings are not held every month and sometimes news doesn’t get in newsletters until much later, in some cases for almost 5 months when the meetings and the summer break fall just right. You also might not be a hound dog like I have been lately, tracking the Neighborhood Representative and attending all the meetings to hear what is going on. Honestly, land use issues might be the single most important reason to go to your neighborhood association meetings. In fact, The Rose City Park neighborhood holds a Land Use Meeting every single month of the year.

Long story short, we are in the public comment period.

And, Douglas Hardy is waiting for our comments.

Click here for a link to a page that lists Douglas Hardy’s email. This page has nothing to do with our project, but I’m uncomfortable posting emails online. You can begin writing your letters now and formulating your thoughts. I’m working on some other ways to pass on information to you, stay tuned. 

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