Update from neighbors regarding Providence 10-Year Master Plan

We now have a copy of the 10-year Conditional Use Master Plan application in our possession. We are trying to find out if we can upload it to this website and will do so as soon as possible. Several neighbors are interested in looking over the plan in some detail. If that is you, please let us know here.

We have sent email to the City staff member responsible for reviewing the land use application to ask if he would meet with neighbors and go over some of the aspects of the plan. We will keep you posted about whether that gets scheduled or not.

We have emailed Mr. James Arp, COO of Providence Portland Medical Center, to let him know about our blog and ask him to help us get that meeting set up with the City of Portland. We’ll keep you posted about his response.

What you can do this week . . . 

  1. Your input is important, please share. At this point, we have a list of improvements we’d like to see in the area surrounding Providence, but we would benefit a great deal if you would share your concerns. To send us email through this site, go to Contacts & Links and click on Submit Information.
  2. Sign up on this blog! Our letters will have more teeth if we can tell Providence or the City of Portland that 100 people are concerned about the expansion plan aka the 10-year Master Plan. If you know of neighbors who are reading but are not signed up, or if you have not signed up, we urge you to do so now. On the right side bar, click on Follow Blog via Email.
  3. Share the blog . . . send a link to this page to your friends and neighbors and ask them to be in touch with us. We need everyone who has ever worried about Providence’s expansion to be vocal.
  4. If you live where you can see Providence, either from your home or job, or you go to and from past the hospital on your way to work or as you go about your life . . . would you stop for a moment and take a picture and email it to us. You can use your flip phone or your camera or whatever. Send it along in .jpg form and we’ll post it in What Neighbors See. We need to have a visual of how prominent Providence is in all our lives.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm for this site. We are receiving an overwhelmingly positive response and thanks. Apparently, it’s been years, maybe decades that folks have been lobbying quietly for changes in traffic issues, parking, and safety, often alone or in small groups. Many of you have been down this road before.

Together we’ll go farther than we can alone . . .

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