My Providence Worries

My Providence Worries 

by Kim Cottrell

My Providence worries began back when the Cancer Center was being designed and constructed. Clearly a lot of effort had gone into creating a dialogue between the neighbors and the hospital, resulting in the current Good Neighbor Agreement. It was 2005 and I was new to the neighborhood. At the time, the concessions the hospital made to the neighbors seemed reasonable, but it seemed those agreements had come at a price and there was still tension in the air . . .  read the rest of the story

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7 Responses to My Providence Worries

  1. Jim Parker says:

    Good post, Kim.
    I’m thinking that we need to schedule some meetings in the next six weeks to go through the CUMP with a fine tooth comb, decide what we would like to propose to Providence in the way of modifications, and assign people to make presentations on those point at the public hearing on April 23 (?).

    So, I suggest we set aside three evenings and invite everyone to whom this blog goes. Pick the evenings and require an rsvp so that on the basis of commitments to attend we can find a meeting place.

    Where can we get a copy of the CUMP? Could we parcel out sections of it to five or six of us, since, as I remember seeing the huge binder, it is a massive document. At the first meeting, each of those assigned to a section of the CUMP can report on what they find of concern in their section. At the second meeting we could vote on a priority of issues to be raised at the hearing and we could each volunteer to take certain points. At the third meeting we could rehearse our presentations.

    What do you think?

    • kimcottrell says:

      Agree, that’s a good idea, Jim. I’ll call you and we can get organized and figure out how to do this. The biggest issue is how to get access to the application binder. Anyone know who’s got the copies now? One adjustment to your idea might be to have the meeting with the binders present and break up into workgroups and do the review of it then and there. I’m thinking that will be more sure-fire than assigning and waiting to get back together. But again, I’ll be in touch. Kim

  2. Gail Morris says:

    Oh my goodness thanks for everything you have said here! As a member of the North Tabor Neighborhood Assn, I too have been following Providence, attended the meetings and noticed that they don’t listen to us! They come to the meetings with their agendas already planned and their building plans already set in stone, etc. Yes it’s very frustrating but keep this up and hopefully we can communicate better as time goes by. Gail

    • kimcottrell says:

      Thanks, Gail……we will and are paying attention now. This site is for everyone who lives in the neighboring areas. We will need to work together and with Providence. Reminds me of a family and how sometimes one person can be having a problem and no one knows it until they speak up and ask for a different strategy. Send us anything you think should be included on this site. Kim

  3. Will Hamilton says:

    I emailed Providence’s communications representative in January looking for copies. Her response follows:

    “On Feb 8, 2012, at 12:54 PM, Marks, Jean wrote:

    HI Bill – I am sorry I am unable to come up with additional copies – our process is to provide copies to neighborhood representatives and they are to make them available to other neighbors.
    Again, just a reminder of our general neighborhood meeting scheduled for Feb. 27 – tonight’s is for the GNA standing committee members – with designated representatives from the two neighborhood associations.

    I particularly liked the suggestion not to show up at the GNA standing committee meeting.

    The city requires that you pay for copies of the CUMP. I do think we could get Gary’s or Jim’s copy and copy it ourselves. Kim and I successfully borrowed a copy from a North Tabor representative but have since returned it.

    Hard to discover what is on the table if you cannot see it.


    • kimcottrell says:

      Thanks, Bill. I am aware as we dig in deeper just how discouraged the average citizen is from gaining the full information and/or being able to share that opinion. Having said that, as we were encouraged to do at the Community Meeting, perhaps we could get permission to look over the CUMP from Gary Naylor or one of the North Tabor representatives. I’ll email Gary now since I have some other questions for him.

    • kimcottrell says:

      I have located a copy we may use. Will let everyone know when it is in my possession. I think we are hoping to get together this week.

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